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Editorial Photography:

Griffith Park Observatory Interior

Griffith Park Observatory Interior

Ceiling Art inside the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles

Amazing sunset captured in San Diego

Amazing sunset captured in San Diego

Sunset at Blacks Beach in San Diego California

Stock Photo: Tree & Blue Sky

Tree & Blue Sky

Beautiful tree in canyon

Stock Photo: Mini waterfall along BlackStar Canyon stream

Mini waterfall along BlackStar Canyon stream

One of several mini waterfalls along the stream heading to BlackStar Falls in Orange County California

Stock Photo: Downtown Los Angeles Cityscape

Downtown Los Angeles Cityscape

Buildings of LA – City Life

Stock Photo: The Beautiful Shoreline of Sunset Beach California

The Beautiful Shoreline of Sunset Beach California

Smooth Sand and Foamy Waters along Southern California Coast

Stock Photo: Backyard Dandy Lion Macro

Backyard Dandy Lion Macro

Dandy Lion Macro Shot

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We are excited to announce our newest Photo Mission being hosted from our AfilIiate Partners at Bank of America.

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Mission Name: Dogs Days of Summer 

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With this mission, go literal: get out there and photograph dogs. Dogs swimming in pools. Dogs slurping up food. Dogs napping in the sunshine. Dogs rolling in the grass. We want to see DOGS.

All Bank of America lifestyle photography should reflect the diversity found within our society: all races, ages, backgrounds, orientations, and types of families. All photos (lifestyle, nature, food, still) should be bright and colorful, and feel warm, genuine, spontaneous and un-staged. Think: the kind of quirky, beautiful and sometimes unexpected photos your best friend shares on Instagram. Please include a mix of portrait and landscape photography. 


Model releases for photos with recognizable faces are required. Also, make sure you add the Hash Tag# DOGDAYSOFSUMMER to your photo.

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We are also launching our first new album, “The Whaley House”, which includes 120 High Quality Photos, and can be purchased for $19.99. The Whaley House is often referred to as “America’s Most Haunted House”, which also had a movie filmed after it, called “The Haunting of Whaley House”. You can now check out a preview of this album on our Photo Gallery Page or Purchase the full album directly by clicking on the link below.

Full Whaley House Album

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We are very proud to present our newest set of HDR photos to our PHOTO GALLERY PAGE.

These photos were taken in the Southern California Desert in Lucerne Valley near Camp Rock Road just North of Highway 247.



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Introducing.. Our NEW Whaley House Album on our PHOTO GALLERY PAGE

The Whaley House in San Diego California is listed as California Historical Landmark #65. The Whaley is rich with history, had a movie filmed after it (The Haunting of Whaley House) and is said to be “America’s most Haunted House”. Many people who have visited the Whaley House have claimed to have had paranormal experiences here as Mr. Whaley’s ghost is still believed to be on the premises. The following photos were taken during a daytime self-guided tour of the house on April 4th 2017. 


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Available for purchase and print

Sunset at Laguna Beach California

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