Here at PicFlix Digital Images, We believe in the power of photography through creative imaginations from people all over the world. And more specifically, from unquie people such as yourself.

This creative power is unleashed by creative people utilizing a creative hand held device called a camera, with which, is able to capture a unique story in time by the simple press of a button. Each picture offers us a glimse into a persons creative imagination. Our desire here at PicFlix Digital Images is to create and establish a photographic platform that will revolutionize Digital Photography and leave behind a photographic legacy that will deeply impact a community of people that are passionate about photography. We want to create a meaningful photographic timeline that captures the deepest parts of a persons creative imagination and emotions.

Photography is a unique art form that is designed by a person’s creative imagination. Photography shapes perspective. Each photo is unique and has a story to tell. One picture can say a thousand words. It is a snap shot into the mind of a creative designer. It upholds a special memory or a precious moment in time. We aim our photgraphic aspirations at capturing every precious moment in life, because we know that the end result can reproduce that moment of happiness and make a difference in someones life. And that is the heart of what real photgraphy is all about. Our goal here at PicFlix Digital Images is to recreate those happy moments in life so that people can continue to live happy lives.

Here at PDI, We want your photographic legacy to live on beyond that one precious moment. We want the camera to create a new lifestyle for you and produce a long lived happiness with you and other people who will be affected by a piece of your creative legacy. We are passionate about photography and photographer’s because we understand the importance of publishing your unique story captured on camera.

We believe each picture can truly make a difference and affect people’s lives and change people’s perspectives and opinions. We want you to be apart of this new creative revolution by simply utilizing the technology that is available to you today.

Cameras are now just about everywhere. Almost everyone today has a smartphone which has a camera built inside of it. Believe it or not, these modern smartphone cameras on the newer model phones, have pretty amazing picture/video quality and can take outstanding pictures/videos on a professional level. Smartphones today play a very big role in the photography industry. There are many people and web sites out there today in the market to buy your photos, and yes, they are even willing to pay you money for a picture taken by your smartphone. A very large percentage of photography today is being produced by smartphones. Here at PicFlix Digital Images, we highly encourage and endorse smartphone photography.

Whether you are using a smartphone or an actual digital camera, we want you to partner with us as we endeaver to create a very impressive photographic platform and marketplace to exhibit your creative masterpieces captured on camera. You do not need to be a professional photographer in order to have a place with us at PicFlix Digital Images, but we do ask that you be passionate about taking photographic opertunites such as the one being presented to you today on this website.

Here at PicFlix Digital Images, we do not consider ourselves to be professional photographers; we may not have an established or reputable name in photography yet. We are a newly created name in the photographic marketplace. But we believe that, with passionate and inspiring individuals such as yourself, we will soon be a key player in the industry. We know that we will soon be an emerging platform and a great resource for both amateur and professional photographers alike. We are looking to become a publishing giant in the photographic marketplace. We want you to submit your photos in our newly created photo gallery to be viewed by millions of potential prospective buyers from around the world.

PicFlix Digital Images is here to fullfil your photographic dreams, and to give your creative mind a platform to express your vision to the world through the lens of your camera. Your job is simply to SNAP, SUBMIT, and SELL; our job here at PDI is to make sure your photo gets the recognition and compensation that it truly deserves. At PicFlix Digital Images, we are in the business of PROCESSING, PUBLISHING, and PAYING out money for your best photographic material as it is successful in the marketplace. (See our ABOUT Page for additional details).

So join us today, and lets make every photo count towards a bigger picture, rather than just having it take up space on our devices or social media page’s. Let’s shoot for something bigger, that can create a small piece of tomorrow’s history today. May every photo impact someone’s life in a positive way and leave a legacy of happiness behind and establish good fortunes to come.

Sincerely Yours,

PicFlix Digital Images

Founder: Bryan M Carrel (Bryc42013)



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