About Us:

As of the beginning of 2017, We are launching a newly created photographic Website featuring image sharing, social integration, and online distribution of photographic materials in our associated marketplace and public platforms.

Please keep in mind that we are a new emerging photographic Website and we are still in our infancy stage. We fully intend to expand our online presence through varies social media platforms and advertising. But we also need people to share in our vision and help support what we are trying to accomplish in photography; so that we can all be successful in fullfilling our aspirations as freelance photographers and entrepreneurs. You can help support our vision by simply pressing the like button on our Page/Post, or by sharing us with other people through social media, and by old fashion word of mouth.

As we grow and progress towards our bigger goal, We will be implementing new additional features in the time to come. This website will most likely take on a facelift from time to time to ehance more technical details so we can improve the overall User experience and be successful in the industry.

We have an extraordinary passion for photography and helping other people live exciting and happy lives, full of meaning and purpose. We believe that photography is for everybody and is something everybody can do and enjoy. Photograpic opertunties are everywhere. We want our work, and others people’s work on this platform, to inspire and motivate people into something positive, shape perspective, and result in creating a legacy of happiness for everybody impacted by each special moment that is captured on camera.

What we are looking for:

SNAP: Simply put, we are looking for postive, inspiring, creative, talented, and motivating individuals; who are passionate about their photgraphic work and want to make a difference in someone elses life. If this is you, then please consider contributing your photographic material to our newly created, media-sharing, social friendly, image publishing platform on our PHOTO GALLERY/BLOG Page. Whether you are an amatuer or a professional photographer looking for more exposure, PicFlix Digital Images is here for you. You are more than welcome to contribute, post, and tag apropriate photographic material on our platform. (CLICK HERE to see our PHOTO SUBMISSIONS POLICY).

It is as simple as capturing a special moment you would like to share with the world, SNAPPING the picture on your smartphone or digital camera, and submitting it to our Website to be reviewed and recognized in our Public Marketplace.

SUBMIT: TIP: Please be sure that you are the respected owner of the picture and that it was captured on your personal device. It cannot be a download or copied image from the web.Try to minimize re-touching the image (editing), and re-saving the image; as it will lose its value, integrity, and its resolution by doing so. The best photos are respectively submitted in their original format, preferably jpg, and should keep true to their original compostion and resolution structure. All submitted photo’s must be at least 1280×960 to be accepted.

Click here to SUBMIT A PHOTO

SELL: Once a photo has been successfully submitted, it will be uploaded to our Photo Gallery Page and possibly be featured on several of our image sharing, marketing platforms, with which we are associated with. Once the image has been accepted by the PicFlix Digital Images Administration Team or our respective colleagues, it will then obtain apropriate copyrights, gain noterity, ratings, and mass exposure to potential buyers in the marketplace who are looking for photos just like yours for their business, project, or personal needs. It is important to realize that not every submitted photo will make a sale – unfortunately. However, if your photo does generate a sale; it may be re-sold an unlimited number of times or may even be sold mulitple times on different marketing platforms. Thus the earning potential is unlimited, but is not guaranteed at the same time. (See our PAY section and Payment instuctions below).

What we do:

PROCESS: We are committed to producing the highest quality photographs in the marketplace. This applies to our own work as well as to each image that has been submitted to us. We will closely analize and “process” each image before the submission is accepted. We do this to maintain our integrity and reputation in the marketplace by eliminating the potential for fraud, misuse, misrepresentation, and manipulation of the photograph. Picflix Digital Images reserves the right to refuse or reject any photo submissions that fall into the above mentioned catagory or which does not meet the minimum specified requirments or violates our terms and condtions. (See our PHOTO SUBMISSIONS POLICY).

PUBLISH: After the process, We are committed to publishing your photographs and giving it as much exposure, publicity, and noterity as possible in the marketplace – as it deserves. PicFlix Digital Images reserves the right to “publish” your voluntarily submitted images at will with our respective partners in the industry, unless otherwise noted. We want every photographer to be reconized and accredited for their work.

PAY: If your submitted photo happens to generate a sell in one of our respective marketplaces or on our own Website; we are committed to making sure you get the apropriate “pay” for your work. We will immediatly notify you of the sale and award you with a commission on the sale. The amount of the commission you will earn varies and depends on serveral factors including: 1) the purpose for which the photo was sold, 2) where it was sold, 3) the actual amount it was sold for in the marketplace. PicFlix Digital Images reserves the right to retain a small percentage of the sale for commission as a way to continue in the business and cover maintainance cost of this Website.

Payment Instructions:

At this current time, Our only approved payment method that we utilize is PAYPAL. In the event that your photo makes a sale and you would like to be compensated for it, it is your resposibilty to provide us with your PAYPAL account information, which includes your PAYPAL account e-mail, your User name, and/or send us your PAYPAL account link under the settings, and below the Personal Info option where it reads PayPal.Me; it should look something like this: paypal.me/username.

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