Exposure Triangle? Could anything be more confusing?!

Ailsa Brims

I admit I am a very lazy photographer.  I often say that I don’t care what settings my camera is on…. I don’t want to be bothered by technicalities… I’m an artist……

So most of my pictures are taken on auto, and they turn out fine, but every now and then I am dissatisfied with a picture and my husband (who is geeky and understands all things camera) tells me (annoyingly) that the picture would have been better if I had understood the settings.

I am about to undertake an important assignment, one I am very excited about and one I do not want to mess up, so this weekend, I reluctantly realised that I needed to knuckle down, stop being so stubborn, and get to grips with using my camera in manual control.

And that means understanding this “exposure triangle” thing.

I’ve always individually ‘got’ the three aspects of the…

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