PicFlix Digital Images: New Site Updates

A Foreword from PicFlix Digital Images:

First off, we would like to take the time to thank all of our followers, partners, and potential contributors for your support and patience.

We have been hard at work to improve the overall user friendliness and interface of our Website.

We want to invite you to come visit our new site afresh to enjoy all of the new recent features and photos that we have added at picflixdigitalimages.wordpress

What’s New with us?

New User Forms

We have made it easier for our users to submit and purchase photos with PicFlix Digital Images. You can now click on the user form links, that we have made more visible and user friendly, on our Home Page and Photo Gallery Page.

Submit a Photo

New Prices

We have new prices on our photos, which can now be found on our Photo Gallery Page along with the Purchase/Download Form. (See our SPECIAL OFFER COUPON CODE).

Purchase a Photo

New Albums

We are also launching our first new album, “The Whaley House”, which includes 120 High Quality Photos, and can be purchased for $19.99. The Whaley House is often referred to as “America’s Most Haunted House”, which also had a movie filmed after it, called “The Haunting of Whaley House”. You can now check out a preview of this album on our Photo Gallery Page or Purchase the full album directly by clicking on the link below.

Full Whaley House Album

New AD Campaigns

We are excited and proud to announce our newest addition to PicFlix Digital Images – AD Campaigns. We are now accepting and welcoming new partnerships with affiliate marketing advertisers. We recently noticed that we were getting alot of spam comments on our Website Home Page that was constantly being blocked by Akismet. With this being said, it is apparent that there is a high demand for advertising space on PicFlix Digital Images. So we wanted to offer advertisers the opportunity to partner with us and to utilize our platform for advertising purposes.

You can now partner with us and advertise your business and services with PicFlix Digital Images. We offer fast, easy, and affordable AD Campaign plans. You can run your advertisements on our Home Page for as low as $6.99 a month or $49.99 a year. See the bottom of our Home Page for more details. Look for our “place your AD here” image. You can also go directly to our AD Campaigns Form and find an advertising plan that is right for you by clicking on the link below.

AD Campaigns Form

New Relations

If your not following us or contributing with us yet, please take a moment to consider joining our platform; whether you are a photographer or an advertiser, we are always interested in making new friends, partnerships, or helping someone enhance their quality of life or promoting successful business practices.

We would feel honored if you would consider following our blog by subscribing with your email below our Blog Page or following us on Facebook. Please take the time to share us with a friend, or maybe think about contributing photos or advertising with us.

New Earnings

At PicFlix Digital Images, we believe in creative imaginations as well as the ability to empower ourselves financially and independently. We enjoy seeing people successful and fulfilling their dreams. We are not a “get rich quick” kind of Website or a “take everything and leave nothing” kind of organization.

However, we are a “Website with benefits” in that we offer awarded commissions to our successful contributors. That means if your photographic material happens to make a sale on our platform, you will be immediately notified and you will become eligible to reap the rewards of a generous, untaxed, commission. The good news is you can make extra money by contributing to PicFlix Digital Images. Try it, Submit a Photo – today. 

Thanks for PicFlixing with us,


PicFlix Digital Images

Founder: Bryan M Carrel