PicFlix Digital Images: Announcement

As of today, April 16th 2017, after 4 months from launching our new Website; we are excited to announce that we have begun developing a PicFlix Digital Images App for Android devices.

When Our PicFlix Digital Images App is complete, Android users will be able to easily SUBMIT photos, ORDER Photo Prints, and PURCHASE available stock images directly from within our New Photo Companion APP.

We are excited to announce this new upcoming addition to our expanding image sharing platform and hope it will encourage more users to pursue their passion for photography with the help of PicFlix Digital Images.

We are here are to make your dreams in photography become a reality. Please become a partner with us and consider contributing photos to our growing PHOTO GALLERY. Together, we can live up to our calling, in “Displaying the Beauty of Creation through Photography”, it’s more than a tagline, it’s a lifestyle.


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