Auction for Framed wall picture 8×10 from PicFlix Digital Images – on eBay

This framed photo is available for sale/auction on eBay or by specific request from PicFlix Digital Images

5th Avenue in Downtown San Diego

At PicFlix Digital Images, As of today, we are starting to offer our pictures in print and frame, as well as other options that will soon be available (See our New PRODUCTS Beta Page). The picture being displayed is currently available for auction on eBay starting at $.99 plus shipping & handling. If you see a photo in our PHOTO GALLERY that you would like to purchase in print and frame, or would like to see in auction, let us know.

You can also submit your own photo’s to us if you would like us to get them printed and framed for you; or you can choose to have us host them for you in our online auctions and global marketplace.

Thanks for PicFlixing with us